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[WiiU] Rabbits Land EUR Wii U Loadiine READY2PLAY

Rabbits Land EUR Wii U Loadiine READY2PLAY


The Rabbids are now taking over an amusement park and they plan to make the most of their day by invading all of the attractions! Rabbids will make a mess out of everything - see them overrun rides and turn them upside down, or scream bwaaah at a souvenir shop before instigating chaos at an overpriced themed restaurant. Ready to explore a "Rabbidized" amusement park filled with irreverent party games? Grab your Wii U and join them in their crazy over-the-top antics!

Sprachen: MULTI / Deutsch
Größe: 6,07GB gepackt
Format: Ordner / A ready to use archive to use with Loadiine.Tested on a PAL console




[WiiU] Rabbits Land EUR Wii U Loadiine READY2PLAY
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