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Welcome to the Delta Goodrem board. Chelle is your friendly moderator and she’d like to extend her welcome to all lurkers and guests and encourage you to join Fan Forum and post with us here. We’re a unique, exceptionally friendly discussion-based community of dedicated fans, as you may have observed for yourself already!

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Innocent Eyes
Mistaken Identity {Singles: Out of the Blue, Mistaken Identity, Almost Here, A Little Too Late, Be Strong}
Delta {Singles: In This Life, Believe Again, You Will Only Break My Heart, I Can't Break It To My Heart}
Child of the Universe {Singles: Sitting On Top Of The World, Dancing With A Broken Heart, Wish You Were Here}
Innocent Eyes 10 Year Anniversary Acoustic Album
Wings of the Wild {Singles: Wings, Dear Life, Enough, The River}
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Heart Hypnotic
Only Human
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Erase & Rewind: What would you change?
Do You Remember When...?
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14 - Delta Goodrem Board (2004)

20 - broken melody (Ingrid)

29 - ~Leonie~ (Leonie)

9 - Delta Goodrem (1984)

17 - unless you do (Emeline)

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