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JayDee's Sketchbook

Hey all, my name is Jaylene Deane and I've decided to put my big girl pants on and try, really TRY to make art my living. I want to wake up in the morning and have creating pay the bills. I laid down some dolla on Dave Rapoza's eyeball knight tutorial and after listening to him for around 15 hours now, and the similarities between us growing up, interests and filling school books with sketches instead of math problems it really hit me in the face that there was no real reason why I couldn't be doing what he does. Sure I have always known that of course, but it was purely intellectual. But I really FEEL it now. I'm not entirely sure what this journey will really look like but i'm going to start plodding. I love storytelling and my dream when i was a kid was to be a professional cartoonist, so i will aim for that. So if you every read this Dave, thank you so friggen much. There has of course been much more to it than that but watching him work and listening to his spill, it's the straw for the camel's back.

So enough about me for now, I will just upload my most recent stuff. I don't have a scanner so i'll just be putting up the cleanest phone photos i can. Feedback of a technical nature is very welcome. Thanks for looking.

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JayDee's Sketchbook
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