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Garret Moore Intro

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Sacred Way is what and how I work. To me being an artist is a sacred path and not an easy one. But when you are born to it you can decide to be used by those who have no skill or be true to the path of creative inspiration. For me, I went many ways. First a fine artist, then a commercial artist with graphic design, typography, and press, then one of the first digital artist in the 1980's using and building systems for my work before Photoshop was a glimmer in the eye. Published early and eventually in Europe on books and magazine and many other mediums before even color printers could parse a digital image. An art director a couple times then Creative director but all the time creating in the trenches what had not been created yet. I started working in 3D and incorporated 3D in art and video animation, photography and images for electronic display and media. Any visual media was a valid path for creative.

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Garret Moore Intro
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