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Advice Appreciated

Hey there!

I've been in a huge art slump, and I really want to improve and start working on personal projects. The majority of things I draw these days tend to be through commission, which has been great-- but I feel like my creativity has been killed off in the last couple years and I have no idea what direction I want to go with anything, or how to improve in general.

If anyone has any feedback/book suggestions/etc that might help me get back on track again, I'd be really grateful. I'm tired of feeling this way, and I thought maybe some brutal honesty might help me now haha.

This is a somewhat personal piece in the sense that it is an art trade with another artist I know. So there is some relaxation knowing that I wasn't paid for it.

I think it pretty much sums up where I am at the moment... I would normally go over it again before lines, and work out anatomical errors I see, and define more of the background, but for the purpose of critique I felt this might be a good point to pause.

EDIT: I've been looking through posts around the site and I'm currently looking into Proko and crtlpaint.

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Advice Appreciated
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